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Synopsis presents Raw Sluts, featuring Bo Sinn, Felix O’dair, Andrew Green, Fly Tatem, Dick Deamon, Logan Pierce, and Rocky Vallarta.

Bondage, Brother: Tattooed stud Fly knows his buddy Dick used to be a Boy Scout, so when he needs help learning the knots, he asks Dick to show him the ropes. Dick immediately demonstrates a few tricks by tying Fly’s wrists and ankles together and asking him to see if he can untie himself. When Fly is where Dick wants him, the horny top offers his big cock for a blow job, fucks Fly’s mouth, and then puts him on his knees and penetrates his asshole in a doggystyle. Dick has to untie Fly’s ankles so he can fuck him pildriver style. Fly wants to tip Dick to thank him for his help, but he gives him more than just a tip as he fucks Dick’s hole in missionary and doggystyle. Then these ropey sluts complete their knots with nuts.

Penis Revenge: When studs Rocky Vallarta and Logan Pierce are caught doing it by Rocky’s boyfriend, Ace Quinn, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Logan suddenly takes matters into his own hands. He orders Ace to sit down and ties him up with a rope, keeping his eyes on Ace. Hungry Logan begins to fuck Rocky, who is waiting impatiently on the table in a doggy style. He then spanks Rocky’s squeezed hole for a long time before driving his hard cock into Rocky’s plump asshole. The two continue to fuck hard, approaching a jealous and watchful Ace, until both of them pounce on top of him and sweat. In the heat of the action, Rocky splashes his charge on himself, after which Logan proceeds to give Rocky a nice, full face massage. We hope Ace has learned some new tricks to better satisfy his slutty boyfriend.

Hardcore Cockold: Handsome Andrew Green is very unhappy with his boyfriend Rocky Vallarta, so to brighten the situation, he invites Bo Sinn to show Rocky what a real man can do. Andrew begins to get down on Bo’s massive cock, and Rocky watches from the foot of the bed, unable to join in or leave. Then Bo tells Rocky to take off his clothes and go suck his toes like the little bitch he is. He obeys until he is ordered to get slapped by a real man’s cock. Eager to be fucked by Bo’s huge, uncircumcised cock, Andrew pushes Rocky aside and gets into a doggystyle pose in front of Bo, who in no time penetrates Andrew’s plump ass and thrusts hard and fast, keeping eye contact with Rocky. Andrew then moves onto Rocky’s lap while Bo continues to fuck him hard from behind. This time they both look directly into Rocky’s eyes, their moans getting louder and their thrusts getting faster. Then Bo throws Andrew down on the bed and fucks him even harder until Andrew comes down hard. Bo comes out of Andrew’s ass and jerks himself until he cum on Rocky’s solemn face, then leaves the room.

Flash Prance: Flasher Bo Sinn shows off his stuff all over town, lurking in alleys and shocking unsuspecting passersby with his naked tattooed body and massive cock. But when he walks into a polling station, he catches the clean-cut Felix Odair there, jerking off his big dick alone. To please the naughty poll worker, Bo throws off his cloak and gives him all he can. Felix gets hard and tries to get Bo down, but Bo lifts him up and carries him to the table, where he fucks Felix’s mouth. He pins the bottom against the wall and fucks him doggy-style in the ass, then fucks him missionary-style and even ballerina-style in the voting booth. Felix jumps on Bo’s dick backwards until he cums, and Bo gives the bottom a huge creampi.

Length: 1 hrs. 13 mins.

Production Year: 2022

Studio: BROMO




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