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Spanking 84

Spanking 84

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Robert Smola in laying over the punching bag. He is gagged and has his wrists shackled too. Wearing only his jockstrap his hot ass is nicely ezposed as he straddles the bag. His tormentor arrives and begins to runs his riding crop over Robert’s back and into his ass crack. He hits on the ass with the crop and then he reaches down to squeeze the cheeks. Pulling the jockstrap into the ass crack the hands then spank on the ass cheeks. Stefan Mateo is gagged and shackled, with his legs in the air. That shows off his ass and the tight hole as his cock is hidden by his jockstrap. His tormentor runs a cane over the sexy ass and pulls on the nipple clamps too. Then the cane hits on that sexyass as Stefan writhes around. Roman Cerv is shackled and gagged with his legs in the air. Roman writhes on the chair as his tormentor slaps all over the chest. Then that sexy ass is spanked through the underwear. The underwear is pushed aside so one ass cheek can really feel the heavy habd, Then the underwear wedges in the ass crack as the other cheek is spanked too. Roman moans as the hands spank on his hot, hairy, ass. The underwear is pulled off the ass, showing his hairy hole too. That hot ass gets spanked hard as the tight hole is fully exposed. Then Roman’s chest is slapped again. A whio is then used on the ass as the feet are held up.

Running Time: 64 minutes
Studio Name:   William Higgins 
Series:   Spanking 




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