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Men of Massive Studio 15

Men of Massive Studio 15

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Eight scenes featuring corrupt cops in Men of Massive 15, who settle down before the camera, losing their inhibitions as they shed their clothes. Kurt passes the time scouring porn rags and playing with himself when security guard Rob shows up. Aroused with what he sees, Rob demands a show and cocky Kurt obliges. Both men play off each other and engage themselves in an interactive game of masturbation. All the action is triggered by their self-serving exhibitionism and thrill-seeking, climaxing with two hefty loads of man-cream and singularly proud gratification. How many times have you been pulled over for a traffic infraction and wished that the arresting officer would be one sexy meathead oozing authority and menace? Imagine having him shuffle you off to a secluded room and with your hands cuffed, he violates you to the full extent of his law. Tristan is the miscreant who suffers sexual indignities at the discretion of Rob, the amoral lawman. This cop and his billy-club rock until the vengeful offender shows he can bust some balls too! When Officers Colt and Lawler apprehend Tony Aziz, he realizes he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe he’s just a random victim of their nefarious and unsavoury intentions. On the pretence of trying to elicit a confession out of him, these dirty cops slam their meat batons down his throat, force-feeding him their bags of nuts and assault his punk ass. Gunner’s got the goods on his partner Dak – the dude’s been taking bribes from the bad guys. The double-dealing dicks make a quick deal – if Dak sucks Gunner’s big gun, he won’t rat him out. Dak falls to his knees and swallows his partner’s cock, gagging as Gunner slams it in repeatedly. Then for a moment, Dak gains the upper hand and begins violating Gunner’s mouth with his meatstick. But Gunner’s no patsy and he reclaims control, rimming and finally fucking Dak’s hairy ass until they jerk themselves off, riddling each other with spurts of cum. Solitary confinement can be a lonely place for a horny prisoner with nothing but his left hand to keep him company. Enforcing bed-check, Officer Banks shines a light on inmate Colby Keller who’s caught exercising his raunchy rights. The curious pig salivates at the sight of Colby’s swollen cock and pinched pink asshole. Pushing protocol aside, he enters the cell and roughs up the jailbird by smothering him with his hairy ass and beating him senseless with his hefty nightstick. Big bearded bo-hunk Berke Banks never disappoints and his solo shoot is quiet in mood, but it steadily grows in excitement. Berke tickles his pickle, plays with his hairy ass, beats his meat some more until he finally lets it all go. Whew! All that expectation has been satisfied!

Cast: Rob Romoni, Kurt, Tristan Jaxx, Hunter Marx, Samuel Colt, Tony Aziz, Nash Lawler, Dak Ramsey, Gunner, Colby Keller, Berke Banks




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