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Hungarian Rhapsody

Hungarian Rhapsody

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If a postcard included sex, it would look like Hungarian Rhapsody as the countryside is positively breathtaking. Andreas Borsos palys Gabor, a satisfied farmer. He takes a break in the fields, decides to munch on a carrot, has second thoughts, and the carrot slowly disapears up his rear end instead. Three horse riders pull up and, far from being shocked by Gabor’s unethical plowing methods, they soon lose their clothes and two hot duos follow. After finding his farmhands tussling in the hayloft of his barn, Gabor receives a letter making him travel to Budapest. On the way, he comes across three naked Hungarians fucking on the banks of the Danube. Reaching Budapest, he stops in a bar for a quick drink, is medicated by two patrons and carried to a hotel room where he is violated (not unwillingly!). He finds the factory which is the purpose of his visit, but suddenly six fantasy men from his past materialize before him and Gabor is at the centre of a major gangbang and finale circle jerk where the six men overpower him and cum on his naked, supine body. The Hungarians in this film are a paragon of European beauty, and the sex is consistently top-notch too!

Cast: Andras Borsos, Zoltan Nemeth, Iosif Laszlo, Tamas Nagy, Gabor Newman, Zsolt Vegvari, Alex Peterson, Gabor Szabo, Yuri Chekov, Boris Varga, Arpad Balint

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