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Hard As Rock

Hard As Rock

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Blue Blake is an English bodybuilder/porno star who found he was better behind the camera. The story in Hard As Rock follows champ boxer Brad Rock as he finally accepts his true sexuality. The first scene is a fantasy sequence between thuggish couple Xavier and Rhett O’Hara, and it makes for a fine start as the tattooed loverboys slurp, suck and finger fuck their way to a climax. Flashback to a prison scenario where Rock’s boxing skills attract the attention of Jason Hawke who begins to question his heterosexuality as he mops up Rock’s sweat, and is soon swallowing Rock’s meat. Rock then introduces straight bodybuilding champ, tattooed Scott Gunz, in a flex-and-strut solo that gets even hotter as he talks to the audience. Next Rock thinks back to his Marine days when shoeshine boy Jeremy Jordan shines more than boots as he chokes on Rock’s rock. Jordan literally begs to be fucked and Rock eventually does so after some great power-dialogue. Rock then goes back even earlier to his high school wrestling days when Sean Storm seduces him on Coach Blue Blake’s orders. Rock gets his first rimjob before Storm finally fulfils Coach’s wish by offering up his glistening manhole. Well produced, with a tongue-in-cheek humour about itself, you can really tell Blake gets off on straight guys who bend. And you will too.

Stars: Scott Gunz, Brad Rock, Jason Hawke, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Xavier, Rhett O’Hara, Blue Blake

Studio: Big Blue Productions




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