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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: London

Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: London

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Collin O’Neal and Milan Gamiani – Collin O’Neal has had many international exploits and this one takes place in the heart of London’s testosterone-laden club scene at the famous Sub Station South. In this scene Collin takes full advantage of his thick, long, and hard-as-steel cock as he bangs the hell out of Milan Gamiani. Watch Milan’s monster-sized hard-on flop up and down as Collin gives him the kind of pounding of which dreams are made. After Collin has put Milan’s ass into a state of raw agony, Milan then submits to Collin’s gallon-sized load in a facial bathing that will be sure to keep this movie on the top of your porn collection for a long time to come.
Jean Franco and Forneus – This scene features Collin’s absolute favorite huge, smooth, and muscle-bound bubble butt bottom, Forneus. Jean Franco has, among other things, a huge uncut tool that is attached to a tight, hairy muscled body that just doesn’t stop. This guy was born to fuck. South African import Forneus catches Latin fuck machine Jean Franco on a staircase and immediately begins to worship every dark and musty inch of his sweat-drenched, hairy body. After sliding his rock-hard cock into Forneu’s mouth, Jean Franco then turns him around and begins to manhandle his champion-grade ass, fingering and slapping his perfectly rounded, bubble-shaped backside, making it bounce with every slap. Jean Franco then continues with his oversized Spanish tool as he begins to expand, pull out and push deep into Forneus’ very tight but very giving ass. Watch him squirm as Jean Franco slowly sucks every last ounce of Forneus’ strength out of his straining ass as he is compelled to succumb to this relentless powerfuck.
Edu Boxer and Fred Colcci – In this scene Edu Boxer and Fred Colcci go at it in the back room of one of London’s hottest cruise bars. Edu Boxer knows how to suck a good cock and Fred Colcci’s big Brazilian dick is the perfect recipient as Edu wraps his mouth around this huge piece of South American meat. Edu knows a thing or two about how to work over a nice little hole and intently thrusts his fingers deep into Fred’s backside, getting him ready for the hot, hairy daddy fuck that follows. After Fred’s ass is nice and wet, Fred mounts this kid and takes him on a long, hard ride that ends is a messy explosion of cum and sweat.
Ryan Garcia and Fred Colcci – Ryan Garcia’s smooth, lean, muscled body and huge dick combine to make him the perfect ‘manboy’ who loves to fuck like a huge-dick daddy but does it within the body of an young, tight stud. Fred Colcci, our equally huge-cocked Brazilian youth happily gives up his smooth bubble butt ass to Ryan’s constant, rock-hard dick. Ryan demonstrates his appetite for a tight, smooth hole as he gleefully works Fred’s ass over with his long, moist Spanish tongue. After a good working over, Ryan then dives in as he begins to alternately tease and pound Fred’s willing hole into a state of pure, un-edited ecstasy that is rarely caught on film.
Collin O’Neal and Luca – Collin gets lucky with Luca, a bald, goateed, Italian-made man’s man. Luca proves that hot, masculine men with uncut and uncommonly thick cocks not only exist but that they love to get fucked. After these two studs take turns riling each other up in a great round of oral action, Collin bends Luca over a table to admire his huge uncut rod hanging in between his rock hard ass and two tree trunk thick, hairy legs. The two then launch into a raunchy over the dining room table fuck that ends only when Collin has had his fill and Luca is left with a memory of a man-on-man ass pounding that by his own admission, ‘should happen more often then it really does.

Studio: Collin O’Neal Productions




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