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Ambush Massage 86

Ambush Massage 86

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In the beautiful Dreamset Massage, Peto Mohack looks as good as ever. He lies on his stomach and the masseur works all over his back, spreading his legs. Peto rolls over to have his chest massaged as well. Then his underwear is pulled off to release his cock, which is jerked off for a while. Soon the underwear is removed, and Peto lifts his legs in the air to reveal his hot, tight hole. The dildo works that hot hole well, fucking it deeply. He jerks himself while the toy works his asshole, and his fingers go inside, too. Then Peto spreads his legs and his hard cock is jerked off until he releases a huge, creamy cum. Alexander Jander gets a massage. He looks great and has a very nice body, as we see when he strips down to his underwear and lies face down on the bed. The masseur comes in and, using oil, begins working on Alexander’s shoulders and neck. The masseur’s hands work his shoulders well and go down Alexander’s back. Undressing him, the masseur pulls down his underwear and exposes Alexander’s cheeks. Soon his asshole is pulled apart to reveal an opening, and his cock and balls are oiled as well. Alexander kneels down to fully spread his cheeks to reveal access to the hot hole. One finger and then two penetrate deep into the hot ass hole, stretching it wide. A thumb goes inside, too, and Alexander’s big cock is jerked between his legs. Then he turns over and lies on his back to have his big cock jerked off some more. It doesn’t take long until his cock is spewing its huge load of cum all over that hot body. Austin Cock is such a sweet and sexy guy. He comes in for a massage and quickly strips down to his underwear and then lies face down on the bed. The masseur comes in and, taking some oil, begins working on Austin’s neck and shoulders. His hands then expertly glide over Austin’s back. The hands continue to work on his shoulders, curling his hands up behind his back, then the masseur stands on Austin’s back to massage his back more deeply. The hands pull his underwear off Austin’s sexy ass. His cheeks are rubbed and gently squeezed while his back is massaged. Then the masseur moves to the side, pulling Austin’s underwear off to work even harder on his hot ass. Austin’s legs are spread and his cock and balls are sandwiched between them. Hands spread his sexy ass to expose his hot hole. Then oil is dripped on Austin’s sexy ass and his cheeks are spread apart so that his tight hole can be rubbed. Hands spread his cheeks and fingers rub his hot hole. Then more oil is taken and a hand reaches down to rub and pull on Austin’s cock. The lubed hand jerks the cock a bit before the attention returns to the tight, hairy hole. Since Austin’s cock looks pretty hard, a finger explores his tight hole. Then it is removed and his cock is jerked a little more. He gets on his knees, which spread his ass well apart. Hands lift Austin’s balls and jerk his cock. Then they go back to the sexy ass again, a finger penetrating inside the tight hole. Austin’s fists clench as he feels the finger penetrate his hole. The finger comes out and he is jerked off a little more before they start working on his hole again. He is being fondled and jerked off at the same time. That sexy ass feels the finger working deep inside. Austin then rolls over and lies on his back to be jerked off all the way. His hard cock looks great as his hand assiduously jerks it off. Soon Austin releases hot cum that sprays all over his sexy body. His cock is released to lie on his stomach and his chest is rubbed after a very hot massage.

Length: 01:25:27

Production Year: 2022

Studio: William Higgins




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