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Ambush Massage 80

Ambush Massage 80

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Our bespectacled hottie Igor Remza is in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off his sexy body. Then the masseur arrives and gets to work, using oil. He rubs the oil over Igor’s back before using both hands to begin massaging. His underwear is lowered to reveal the sexy ass, with the hands running all over the cheeks. Igor’s ass is fucked deeply with a toy as his big, hard, cock is wanked. The hole is fingered again as his cock is wanked. Then he drops his legs and his cock is wanked hard and fast. Igor’s balls are so tight as his hard cock is wanked and it releases the hot cum as it is pumped so fast. Sexy Honza Bilek strips down to his underwear Honza shows off his slim, fit, body as he lays on the bed for a massage. Then the masseur arrives and, taking some oil, starts to massage Honza’s back. His underwear is lowered to reveal Honza’s sexy ass. That hot ass is massaged well. The hands work on the ass, reaching between the thighs to rub Honza’s cock and balls too. He moves onto his knees, letting the cheeks part nicely. The hands run all over the ass and reach between the legs to wank on Honza’s cock. The cock grows nicely as it is wanked and soon delivers the hot cum, shooting it onto the bed. Pavel Sora is a very sexy str8 guy who is in for a massage. He strips down to his underwear, showing off a very good body in the process. Then he lays, face down, on the bed to await the masseur. The masseur arrives and gets to work, using oil. His hands glide all over Pavel’s back, feeling the hot muscles. The hands reach for Pavel’s balls, lifting them so his cock can be wanked. The cock grows well in the masseur’s hand as it is stoked down between Pavel’s thighs. Fingers rub over that sexy ass hole as the cock is wanked. His cock is pulled back to be wanked some more. Pavel’s cock releases the hot cum onto his sexy body!

Running Time: 81 minutes
Studio Name:   William Higgins 
Series:   Ambush Massage 
Director:   William Higgins 




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