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Airport Security 26

Airport Security 26

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Two very hot str8 guys are in this Airport Security scene. Kamil Banek is the guard and Anton Kaner is the traveler. He makes Anton strip so that he can check his clothes. Anton strips to his underwear and sits as Kamil tells him that cameras have recorded him stealing the items. He tells Anton to stand and starts groping his underwear. Pushing the underwear down he wanks on Anton’s cock. Then he tells him to kneel. Kamil opens is pants and pulls out his stiff cock. He says that Anton can save himself, meaning by sucking on that stiff cock. Although he doesn’t want to, Anton eventually leans forward to take the rock hard dick in his mouth. Kamil has a lot more in mind before letting Anton go. Sexy str8 guy Tomas Salek is in charge of Airport Security. He is in his office when Dan Holan is sent in for investigation. He has a problem with his ID. It seems the ID is out of date, but Dan needs to travel to see his girlfriend. Tomas doesn’t seem interested in that and instead insists that he will need to search Dan. He makes him strip, and Dan is rock hard as he takes off his jeans. Something has turned him on and Tomas is happy to take advantage. Karel Opec is in custody, controlled by Petr Jarena. These two str8 guys look so good. As Petr questions Karel about why he is being held Karel denies any wrong doing. Petr says that he must call the police and Karel’s parents, and needs to look inside his bag. Petr admits to stealing a tee shirt and Petr decides that he must do a more personal check to see if there is anything else hidden. Petr has to take off his clothes, so he strips down to his underwear. He declines to remove the underwear but the threat of calling the police makes him rethink. He puts his hands behind his head, revealing his soft cock, balls and nice thick bush. Petr makes an offer, if Karel will do something for him he won’t call anyone. Will Karel take the offer?

Running Time: 59 minutes
Studio Name:   William Higgins 
Series:   Airport Security 
Director:   William Higgins 




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